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11 education centers throughout Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky

Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky

160+ online, onsite, & hybrid degree programs and specialties

160+ Online

100+ years of providing quality education to students all over the world

100+ years

Why Indiana Wesleyan University?

Success Stories:  IWU Graduates Who Found Their HOW

Vernon Hill, Devoe School of Business

Sandy Beech, School of Health Sciences


Since our founding, Indiana Wesleyan University has been committed to changing the world by developing Christlike students who live with character, pursue academic excellence, and exhibit exemplary leadership qualities. 

Indiana Wesleyan University offers 160+ programs in an online and/or onsite format in 11 education centers across Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Originally founded in 1920 as Marion College, IWU is a comprehensive Christian university of The Wesleyan Church. Today we serve nearly 13,000 students between our online and regional education programs, and Wesley Seminary.

160+ Program Options

Whether you are just beginning your college journey or aim to earn your graduate degree, we provide plenty of options. 

We offer accelerated degrees in business, technology, management, leadership, counseling, education, nursing, and more! Many of our schools and programs are accredited.7

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160+ Online Program Options

Making Education Affordable

IWU makes completing a degree or certificate program affordable and attainable. There is NO application fee!

Candidates are encouraged to apply for a variety of student financial aid options available, including grants, scholarships, loans, and military/veteran benefits

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Making Education Affordable

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As a University, we see our programs as a pathway for military and veteran students to realize their educational and career goals, regardless of where they may be serving.


IWU extends military-preferred tuition to active duty, National Guard, reserves, retirees, veterans, spouses and surviving spouses, DOD employees, DHS employees, and dependent children with educational benefits. We have a robust support team who would love to serve you.10

1Your tuition rate may increase if you withdraw for more than 90 days.

2Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education (2018)

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8HLC accreditation statement: Indiana Wesleyan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC),, 312-263-0456. Other accreditations and associations of Indiana Wesleyan University are available here:

910 years after graduation

10The military preferred tuition discount does not apply to students enrolled in IWU-Marion residential campus, School of Health Sciences, uLeap, nurse practitioner, doctoral, or graduate counseling programs. The military preferred tuition discount for master's programs is not applicable to spouses and dependents. Other exclusions may apply. Ask your enrollment counselor for additional details.

While it is our top priority to make students aware of available preferred tuition rates during the enrollment process, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to notify IWU should they become eligible for a preferred tuition once enrolled.

Preferred tuition rates are not automatically applied. Students must complete and submit a preferred tuition application and proof of eligibility in order to receive a preferred tuition rate.

Preferred tuition rates may be retroactively applied back to the beginning of the student’s current financial aid period only or the equivalent for those students not utilizing student financial aid.

Our Tuition Guarantee

Join the 81,000+ students who have saved over $10 million on tuition costs since 1985.
Once you start, we lock in your tuition rate for the entire duration of your program.1



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IWU graduates earn, on average, 58% higher incomes than the national median.9

My Future/Promotion/Family/Business/Community/Students/Ministry is Why - IWU IS HOW

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Indiana Wesleyan University is Accredited.

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Higher Learning Commission accredited


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(10 years post-grad)5